A dental porcelain crown is one of the most versatile dental treatments out there. Our dentists in Lithia, FL, serve patients in the Valrico & FishHawk areas. We offer dental crown services using an incredible new dental crown technology called CEREC.

CEREC allows us to create custom-made porcelain crowns in the comfort of our office so that our patients can get the care they need faster. Traditional porcelain crowns require molds to be made and then sent to a dental lab, where the dental crown is then created by a lab technician. As you can imagine, this is time-consuming and, in many cases, can take two weeks or even longer. This means that the patient who needs the dental porcelain crown has to wait, and while they wait, they have to wear the temporary crown, which will be removed later.

With CEREC, all of this waiting is eliminated, and there is no need for a temporary crown. CEREC is a one-visit porcelain crowns system, which means that our Lithia area patients can have their beautiful permanent crowns created while they visit our Lithia, FL dentist.

cerec dental crown in lithia
how does cerec work?


CEREC works a bit like this:

Our team will carefully create an impression of the tooth that needs the crown.

Then, we will numb the tooth that will be receiving treatment. The tooth needing the porcelain crown is gently filed down so that the crown fits properly.

Using the mold, CEREC uses advanced dental technology to sculpt your new crown while you wait.

Our team then places your CEREC crown in your mouth, completing your dental crown treatment.

CEREC porcelain crowns are designed to be functional, beautiful, and long-lasting. We have been excited to use this wonderful dental technology in our office because it makes it so our patients can receive better treatment faster and more conveniently.

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