In the past, if you lost a tooth, there weren’t many options besides getting a bridge or leaving a gap in your smile. Modern dental implant dentists can now offer tooth implants as a permanent tooth replacement solution.


A dental implant is a special alloy rod that is placed inside the jawbone. This dental implant acts a bit like a tooth root does and provides us with a place to attach either a beautiful porcelain crown or other dental devices. By attaching a dental crown to the implant, we can effectively create a “new” tooth that can be used just like the rest of your teeth.

Dental Excellence at FishHawk is a dental implants dentist in Lithia, FL, and we specialize in both placing dental implants and restoring porcelain crowns to implants. We are proud to offer these services to our patients so they can get the full treatment under one roof.

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As dental implant dentists in Lithia, FL, we offer a couple of other dental implant solutions besides simply restoring dental implants with porcelain crowns and placing the implants. Some of these other dental implant solutions include:

Implant-supported dentures – Instead of attaching a porcelain crown, we can use dental implants to create a permanent denture solution. With implant-supported dentures, our dentists use dental implants as anchors for dentures that are made to be long-lasting and missing many of the negative sides of traditional dentures. You will never worry about clicking, slipping, or your dentures coming because they are securely anchored in your mouth using our fantastic technology.

Mini teeth implants – Mini implants act a lot like normal teeth implants but are designed for a tighter area that might be harder to fit regularly sized implants. This has made it easier to make sure that our patients can get the dental implant that fits their situation best, whether it is a full-size dental implant or a mini implant.

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Being a dental implant dentist in Lithia, FL is very satisfying because we see patients improve their smiles and lives. Have any questions about dental implants or any of our other services? Please, call us today to schedule an appointment with our dental implant dentists in Lithia, FL. We also have locations in Valicro & FishHawk.

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