Having missing teeth can cause many issues, including problems with being able to eat foods you love, speaking properly, and social anxiety, among other issues. Whatever the issue missing teeth may be causing you, we offer compassionate care for our patients who have missing teeth, using the latest in dental technology and treatments.


One of the great options for people who are missing many teeth –or all of their teeth– is dentures. At Dental Excellence at FishHawk in Lithia, FL, our dentists for dentures will work with you to help you determine if dentures are the right option for you and present you with your treatment options. Dentures remain a wonderful option because they help patients get back to being able to eat the foods they love, speak well, and enjoy social events.

missing teeth replacement
types of dentures


We offer a number of different denture options in both full and partial dentures. Some of our denture options include:

Traditional dentures – At Dental Excellence at FishHawk, serving the Valrico & Lithia, FL, surrounding areas, we offer traditional dentures as full dentures, fixed partial dentures, as well as removable partial dentures. If you choose this type of denture, our dentists for dentures will create a mold of your teeth, which will then be sent to a modern dental lab. At the lab, a specialized technician will use the mold to create a custom-crafted denture or dentures made to fit you perfectly.

Permanent dentures – Permanent dentures use denture implants to create a denture that is a permanent tooth replacement option. Denture implants are placed safely and securely into the jawbone receiving the denture, providing anchoring points for your permanent denture solution. Once this part of the treatment has been completed, the permanent dentures are placed on the denture implants, creating a beautiful, durable, and permanent tooth replacement solution.


Our dentists for dentures in Lithia, FL, and surrounding areas are proud to offer these great denture options to our patients who need them because we have seen the difference it can make in those with tooth loss. We love seeing our patients walk out of our office with beautiful smiles and healthier mouths.

Have any questions about dentures in Lithia, FL? Give us a call today! We also have locations in FishHawk and Valrico, FL!

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