what are invisalign clear braces?


Your teeth are one of the very first things that people notice when they meet you, and if you don’t have straight teeth, it can change how you are perceived and how you feel about yourself. If you have ever wanted straight teeth, but have not wanted to deal with all of the hassle involved with traditional orthodontics like metal braces, then our Invisalign dentists in Lithia, FL, have a great option for you at our FishHawk practice!

Invisalign is an invisible braces system that uses aligner tray technology instead of traditional wires and brackets. Aligner trays are made of durable, clear plastic designed with advanced computer-aided 3D analysis based on your mouth. Each set of aligners is custom-made for the person who orders them, ensuring excellent and effective results every time.


Invisalign clear braces are designed with the patient in mind and have some significant advantages. Some of the advantages of Invisalign clear braces from our Lithia, FL dentists include:

Speed – Invisalign works to help you have straight teeth faster than traditional braces. In most cases, Invisalign takes, on average, nine months to a year to help you have the beautiful, straighter teeth you desire.

Comfort – Because Invisalign is designed specifically for each patient, they are custom-made to fit you and your teeth. This helps ensure higher comfort and effectiveness.

Appearance – Invisalign uses high-quality clear plastic, which is nearly invisible to those around you. Unlike traditional braces, it has no brackets and wires that make your teeth look gaudy and unattractive.

Convenience – Invisalign aligner trays are removable, so if you ever need to take them out, you can. This also means that you can continue to take care of your teeth normally and eat the foods you love.

If you would like to have straighter teeth without traditional braces, Invisalign is a wonderful option. Our caring Lithia, FL, Invisalign dentists can help you look at your options and help you make an educated decision in your quest for the smile of your dreams.

benefits of invisalign braces

Get Straight Teeth with Invisalign in Lithia!

Have any questions about Invisalign? Call us today at our Lithia, FL dentist’s office! The dental team at Dental Excellence at FishHawk is proud to serve patients in the surrounding areas of Lithia, FishHawk, & Valrico, FL.

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